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With id Software's DOOM Eternal a couple of months away from release, one of the pure tech questions floating around is whether or not the game will feature real-time raytracing and support for NVIDIA GeForce RTX. With Wolfenstein: Youngblood getting RTX support in a recent patch (which runs on id Tech), studio director Marty Stratton opens up to Digital Foundry about the possibility of DOOM Eternal RTX.

In the interview which covers id Tech 7 and the development of the game when asked about raytracing Marty notes that "the team did some initial implementation and exploration about a year ago" but that was put on hold so the team could focus on getting the core game right.

"Our tech team are the biggest fans of new tech, and it was a hard to pull people off of that because it was the shiny new toy," Marty adds. But, with development now wrapping up he mentions that the tech team at id are just about ready to start looking at implementing raytracing into DOOM Eternal. Interestingly he says that some of the plans extend beyond things like reflections and shadows and overall lighting - and that raytracing can be leveraged to make things easier for developers to create.

Here's the full interview which covers a range of topics including insight into the Nintendo Switch port process.

In our hands-on preview with the PC build of the game, it ran at a rock-solid frame-rate at 1440p and looked incredible.

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