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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:30pm 22/01/20 | 0 Comments
The wonderful Frostpunk (one our favourite games from 2018) is set to get its biggest expansion to date with the arrival of The Last Autumn. Which, as per the title, showcases a pre-Ice Age world where trees and grass were still a thing. Very much a prequel it will showcase the final days before the fall and the origin of the game's iconic Generator.

It looks fantastic, and will also feature a new set of Laws that take advantage of the new setting.

Frostpunk Lead Designer Kuba Stokalski highlights the care and effort gone into the new scenario. "Everyone associates Frostpunk with snow and winter, so our goal was to provide them with something totally new and change the tone of the game a bit. It was a challenge, but the result is the biggest and the most tone-nuanced scenario in the whole Frostpunk universe."

Here's a breakdown of The Last Autumn's features.
  • A prequel story set in a new environment not yet covered by snow that allows players to construct the Generator from the ground up to prepare their society for the upcoming winter.
  • A new Endless Mode variant -- Builders -- that redefines the challenges players will face by providing different setups and solutions.
  • Two new Books of Laws allowing players to shape their society in previously unknown ways.
  • New threats and issues to deal with such as toxic gases and workers going on strike.
  • Influence society in creative new ways from establishing labour unions to outright manipulation.
  • New technology tree, inventions to discover, and resources to obtain.
  • 25 new buildings to construct such as docks, a telegraph station, a labour union building and more.
  • New social classes including Convicts -- a cheap and obedient workforce.
  • Discover even more new mechanics and tweaks to gameplay.

  • Frostpunk: The Last Autumn is available now as part of the Season Pass or separately for $16.99.

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