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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 11:51am 22/01/20 | 5 Comments
After spending three hours with a near-final build of DOOM Eternal thanks to Bethesda, we discover that id Software has been quietly building a stunning genre-defining experience that could potentially become the high watermark for the FPS genre.

A snipper from our preview.
After playing through a lengthy section of DOOM Eternal’s final campaign (about three hours all up) there was a sense that this could have been a sequel in the traditional sense. A sentiment born from the impressive ambition and scope we saw in the game last year, where elements return but are expanded upon. New stuff found around every corner, but with a look and feel that is still every bit DOOM. As a movie poster might tell you – ‘Bigger and better, the Slayer is back!’.

On that note DOOM Eternal is a revelation. Almost overwhelming in its scope and seamless execution of pure first-person action. An experience chock full of genuinely fascinating ideas of how a first-person shooter can play. Or could. With story, level design, platforming, and intuitive puzzles that feel like they belong. Familiar and refreshing and unlike anything else in the shooter space.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:58pm 22/1/20
environments & action looks great! dunno about the narrative stuff, the very first line I Saw in the bit I watched of the video ("let's see how long you survive in this cursed city") seemed lame.

I'm still waiting for the last Doom game to go on a big enough sale so I can buy it, hopefully will get to it before this one comes out
Posted 03:53pm 22/1/20
Doom 2016 is great and worth it at full price.
Posted 07:54pm 22/1/20
i kind of dig that they went full cartoon with the story... and not serious... coupled with the violence and action it's a fine blend
Posted 01:19am 28/1/20
looking ok for a doomed space marine

Can’t be any worse than Doom VFR
Posted 12:39am 10/2/20
Great preview! It sounds amazing.
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