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When it comes to 4K TVs they don't get much better than LG's OLED range, a fact that has seen many desktop gamers try their best to fit the 55-inch model on a desk. Or mounted on a wall behind a desk. Anyway that was the smallest OLED TV from LG until now - with the announcement at CES that a 48-inch model is coming this year.

And with LG adding NVIDIA G-Sync support to its 2019 range of OLEDs, this will no doubt become a dream display for those with high-end NVIDIA GeForce RTX cards.

With unparalleled variable refresh rate and ultra-fast response time, LG OLED TV is considered the most advanced gaming TV on the market today. With the extremely low input lag of expensive desktop gaming monitors, detail-packed visuals of today’s games are simply jaw-dropping on LG OLED TVs. The smoothness and responsiveness of controlling the onscreen action has to be experienced to be believed.

In another industry-first, 2020 LG OLED TVs feature the HDR Gaming Interest Group’s HGiG Mode, so gamers can enjoy high quality visuals as game creators and developers intended when playing HDR games via consoles on their LG TVs. HGiG is a body made up of companies from the game and display industries that develops standards to improve the HDR gaming experience for consumers.

During intense gaming sessions, LG OLED TVs even help address eye fatigue. The Eye Comfort Display certification, from the trusted international testing lab TÜV Rheinland, verifies that LG OLED TVs offer adjustability for blue light content, are flicker-free, and provide exceptional image quality from any angle. LG OLED screens meet every TÜV testing criterion, including wide colour gamut and HDR.

As per the description above it sounds like the 2020 range of LG OLEDs are going all in on gaming with ultra-fast response times, a focus on input lag, eye comfort consideration, and adhering to the new HDR Gaming Interest Group standards for the best HDR for games. All powered by the new α (Alpha) 9 Gen 3 AI Processor.

All up LG has 12 OLEDs coming in 2020 - going all the way up to an 8K model - with the 48-inch version part of the CX range. Offering 4K 60 Hz HDR visuals that, well, this would no doubt be one of the best ways to experience Cyberpunk 2077. Because hey, that's set to become the PC benchmark the moment it gets released in April.

Local pricing and availability TBC.

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