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Don't take that headline as a negative, it's simply a clever (IMO) way to announced the sixth entry in our list, which comes in at the Fab Five day in our countdown. And who in gaming doesn't love some good sci-fi? If you don't, get in touch and we can have a chat.

We'd be remiss at this point to not highlight that this list exists (not like cricket) in the shadow of the turmoil Australia currently faces with the fire crisis across the country. And our continued posting here is not meant to be ignorant of that disaster. Our hearts and mana go out to those fighting, and anyone supporting. Those caught at home, still waiting to return to work or, simply, unsure what to do with their hands (NSW donate here, VIC donate here, SA donate here), we also know the value of positive distraction, and games for positivity can be good. To be clear, we're not suggesting just playing games or ignoring the issue at-hand is what you need to do, but we'll continue to roll out this list to maintain some level of normalcy during a crisis. Sorry for the heavy, but we'd rather address it, than look like we're ignoring it.

Here's some words about entry Number Six:
Terms like environmental storytelling or emergent narrative refer to moments where you feel engaged and in control of story beats. Or the flow, pace, and perhaps even order of discovery. Observation from No Code and Devolver Digital presents a fairly straight-forward premise, and linear narrative structure. The setting itself could be referred to as standard sci-fi fare too; being stranded in space aboard a space-station with no clue as to what happened, or how to proceed.
Click here for Day Five of our Top 10 Best Games of 2019.

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