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After having successfully filled Activision's coffers for a number of years as co-founder of Infinity Ward and through the successful new 'modern warfare' direction of the Call of Duty franchise, all the way to EA and making a splash with Titanfall, Vince Zampella has had one hell of a senior ride through the Triple-A side of the games industry. Now, after having soft-launched one of the most popular Battle Royale games in the space through Apex Legends, the relocation/rebranding specialist is set to make another senior stamp over at DICE LA in a role that will see him oversee the studio, and rebrand it.

The popular thinking from our camp is that the rebranded studio will tackle all Star Wars EA-handled gaming products, after a tumultuous run with the franchise over a number of years. Having successfully developed and released the single-player Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (albeit to mixed reviews), Zampella makes sense to pull himself away from Respawn and taking on a new challenge.

We could also be wrong and it's all now about that studio being a B-Team working on Medal of Honor in a not too dissimilar fashion to how Treyarch and Infinity Ward see-saw Call of Duty.

We'll know more in the coming months once EA highlights the studio's rebranded plans.


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