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The full four-player co-op Raid event called Project Titan is now available to play in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Available as a free update, the Raid setup sounds familiar in that players will be pitted against elite enemies (drones and humans in this case) with Boss Fights and rewards in the form of weapons, gear, and customisation items.

Here's a look at the moody high-tech volcanic setting.

A faction of Wolves, called the Red Wolves, have taken over Golem Island, the volcanic island developed by Skell Technology. Strategically placed away from the main island of Auroa, Golem Island was home to a military research unit specializing in the creation of experimental drones.

Interestingly the Raid will not only feature checkpoints but allow teams to pick-up where they left off if they run out time. See: when you keep wiping on a particularly hard Boss Fight.

Gears rewards for this do sound cool with four class sets arriving (made up of unique masks, tops, vests, gloves, and pants) for the specialisations - Assault, Panther, Sharpshooter, Field Medic. In addition to weapon blueprints.

According to the team at Ubisoft, Project Titan has been designed as a demanding and challenging experience for Ghost Recon players - where success will come down to communication, planning, and teamwork. Access to the Raid is limited to those with a Gear Score of 150+.

For more on Project Titan - head here.

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