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But you absolutely do. Literally coming into our inbox this evening, from Indie studio Tomula Games, this gem of a concept had me giggling all the way to the cyber mechanic shop with glee. Just think about an in-your-face over-the-top game centred around augmenting clients with cybernetic parts for whatever cyberpunk world they all live in, then dial the cheese and potential awesomeness up to 10011001101100110.

Here's what the devs sent across to us to highlight what their game is about.
Cyborg Mechanic is a simulation game where you face challenges as a surgeon/mechanic working on cyborgs, bionic people and augmented humans. You will diagnose, repair and improve your customers’ bodies, as well as develop your workshop and acquire new equipment. You will operate in the underground, gaining fame and money -– but also avoiding cyber-raids by the authorities.

  • Augment Your Clients
    Your job is to make your customers happy by solving their problems. It's your way to fame and money. And of course it's all you live for. Your task, as a cyber mechanic, is not only to diagnose problems, but also to introduce modifications and improvements to bodies, minds and shells. But be careful as any procedure can end in your client suffering pain, disability, death or something even worse...

  • Assignments
    Your clients work in the underground world – they are traffickers, bodyguards, soldiers, madmen addicted to implanting new cyberware, street samurais, mnemonics and more. Many of them have interesting stories to tell, but all of them want repairs or improvements. Job orders vary in their level of complexity and the equipment requires to complete the task. You don't have to accept every client, but implanting augmentations is your way of life.

  • Augmentations
    How ’bout a Russian mechanical arm from a decade ago. Maybe some Wolverine-like claws of your own design. The most modern laser eyes are on offer. You also have high-end coprocessors. The list of implants requiring simple or very complex procedures increases with your skills, fame and resources. Over time, your clients' bodies, minds and shells won’t have any secrets for you...

  • Workshop Management
    Money is just a way to achieve your goal which is to create the best workshop in the city. What equipment will help you find more customers? Do you need to purchase a cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) right now or is it better to invest in a state of the art amputation saw first? Laser soldering iron or surgical scalpel – tough choice? Posters, colourful LEDs or slot machines? Because looks are also important!

  • Cyber Police
    You work as an outlaw - without any license, out of control and not worrying too much about a sterile environment in your workshop. The more famous you are, the more illegal implants branded by you appear on the streets, the more vigilant the cyber police will be. Be sure they will be looking for you. Maybe they'll lock you up right away? Maybe you can bribe them? Or maybe they will ask you for a small favour, who knows!
The premise is, simply, awesome. Unfortunately it won't release until some time in 2021, but the announcement trailer embedded below should have you pretty happy to wait, while all that extra time in development for a small team will only help them. We'll be keeping a close eye on this one.

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