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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:03pm 18/11/19 | 0 Comments
With this report over at Kotaku by Jason Schreier noting that the project is being referred to internally at BioWare and EA as Anthem 2.0 and Anthem Next. Apparently planning for the overhaul has been taking place over the past few months, with no word yet on whether it will be a series of updates or even a brand-new game.

The latter of which sounds the most interesting because sources note that the missions, structure, loot, progression, social aspects, and how players engage with the open world world will change drastically. For example there are discussions to break up Anthem's large open-world into sectors and removing the need to go back to Fort Tarsis between missions - which would affect how the current story stuff works.

As per our original review, we enjoyed Anthem's combat but found the rest of the stuff disjointed. So a lot of this sounds promising, and it will be interesting to see if it follows the format of No Man's Sky with larger updates staggered over several months.

The bigger takeaway of course is that BioWare and EA have not abandoned Anthem, which since its launch in February of this year has seen little support other than patches around its problematic launch and a few minor in-game events.


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