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From Frontier, the studio behind the excellent Planet Coaster and more recently Jurassic World Evolution, is ready to release its latest creation out into the wild. With Planet Zoo offering players a visually stunning and in-depth sim where as per the title - puts you in charge of your very own zoo.

Here's the launch trailer. And yeah, it looks incredible.

From the creators of Planet Coaster comes a new, deeper and more powerful sim -- Planet Zoo. Players will travel the globe on a quest to build the most awe inspiring zoos and learn to care for a menagerie of authentic living animals who think, feel and explore the world around them. Whether building piece by piece or upgrading an existing park, Planet Zoo’s Franchise, Career, Challenge and Sandbox Modes present endless opportunities to hone their management and building skills.

More than 70 animals are available in Planet Zoo, helping to create the most challenging, magnificent and diverse zoos, balancing animal welfare and conservation efforts with visitor enthusiasm. Budding entrepreneurs can finesse the balance sheet as they tackle everything from staff costs, to building maintenance, ticket sales and guest donations, while aspiring zoologists can juggle researching new facilities, enrichment items and habitat customizations on their quest to create the perfect zoo.

There's a level of realism that is impressive, with the team at Frontier spending well over two years studying animal traits and behaviours

planet zoofrontierlaunch trailer

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