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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:38am 02/11/19 | 2 Comments
While the game proper releases next Tuesday, November 5, Rockstar invited us in to get an early taste of how the game is shaping up on PC, and having sunk over 500 hours into the Xbox One version of the game since its release last year, I kind of felt obliged. And on the superior desktop platform, it did not disappoint.

The sheer number of PC gamers who've likely just "looked the other way" in frustration that such a lauded series never saw the light of desktop day, can now start to understand the hype and absorb themselves in one of the most celebrated games of any generation. Here's a snippet from my hands-on:
There was a moment during my hands on where, while rounding an ascending path to the north-east side of the stupidly-large game-world map, I could see a waterfall off into the distance. Rockstar has been most vocal about draw distance improvements on PC (though I’ll argue shortly it’s in lighting and particles), and this was a living example of those claims. The waterfall at Brandywine Drop doesn’t come into view on console until you get north of Martha’s Swain. You can see the drop point; a sheer rockface, still detailed, south of Martha’s Swain, but no waterfall. And it’s not something that alarms you -- Red Dead Redemption 2 is riddled with trees and treelines; elevation and valleys. Shrubbery and animals that capture the eye. But on PC, oddly, I realised coming around this bend, on this path at this elevation, and at some distance beyond me, I hadn’t ever seen this waterfall before. Of course I had, but I had to be closer to it in order to see it.
Click here for our full PC hands-on.

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Posted 10:34am 06/11/19
Shut up and take my money, again :)
Posted 01:16pm 06/11/19
I'd be interested in the system and what settings it was running on when you played it as so far on release, the recommended settings can barely cut it let alone high end systems if you want to even reach, let alone exceed, 60fps which I would imagine is half of the appeal of PC for most people.
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