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That admittedly is mostly tied to Private Server rentals so players and groups of up to eight people can play Fallout 76 in their own version of post-apocalyptic West Virginia. That will one day support mods - a feature that is still without a date or time-frame. The Fallout 1st announcement has seen some considerable backlash, due to the additional quality of life benefits and the steep $22.95 AUD monthly or $179.95 AUD for an entire year cost.

As per this breakdown of what you get.

The subscription, in addition to private server of Private Worlds access, includes an unlimited scrap container, a secondary base/tent you can prop up anywhere, a sizable dose of monthly Atoms to spend on cosmetic items and some exclusives on that front too.

Weirdly, some of the additional upcoming features sound a lot like what you would expect if Fallout 76 were to offer an offline or P2P mode.
Private worlds will continue to evolve with new features such as expanded building areas, increased C.A.M.P. budgets and Workshop persistence. We’ve also received a lot of questions about playing Fallout 76 with mods and this, too, is something we’re excited to add to private worlds in the future.

Charging for server rentals at a monthly rate is not uncommon, but with the planned Wastelanders expansion (which will be free) delayed to 2020 - this does feel like Bethesda is focusing on how to monetise Fallout 76 and keep revenue coming in, as opposed to ensuring it's feature complete and improving the core game.

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