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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:19am 23/10/19 | 5 Comments
Obsidian returns with a game that at a glance looks like one part Fallout and one part Futurama - so you can be sure this was one our most anticipated releases of the year. With it's release due later this week we've spent enough time in the Halcyon system to serve you our full corporate mandated review.

A snippet.
It’s The Outer Worlds dark comedic undertones that are the most, well, Fallout. Set in the distant future, one where humanity is colonising distant worlds and systems, the story begins after you’re awoken from hibernation to discover that life in the corporate run Halcyon system is not as idyllic as it seems. Or should be. Beginning your journey to ultimately try and un-freeze those aboard the long-lost colonial freighter called Hope, you’re set loose in the almost wild-west frontier town of Edgewater - run by well-known maker of mass-market goods, Spacer’s Choice.

A town where all citizens are company born and bred, to the point where they’re more like commodities and assets tucked away in a space-age spreadsheet than individuals. A Spacer’s Choice town where the value of an employee is determined by the bottom line. Which in turn determines their allotment of things like food, water, and medicine. There’s a level of indoctrination on display from the get-go that verges on the bleak and depressing, but thankfully it all quickly becomes darkly comic and vibrant – thanks in part to the colourful visuals, alien flora, skies filled with celestial wonders, corporate propaganda spouting amusing taglines, and the engaging dialogue.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:34pm 23/10/19
Ahhhh, a new Obsidian game. Deadfire was GOTY for me in 2018. This one doesn't have Josh Sawyer at the helm but still looks to be amazing. Unfortunately I'll be out of town when this comes out and then straight back to work when I'm back so it's going to sit for days not being played.

Also it's a Microsoft Game Pass game which means for something like $5 a month you can play it and heaps of other games. There's deals floating around (like first time sign up discounts etc) where you may only be paying $1 a month. Good way to test it out until it comes out on Steam if Epic Launcher isn't your cup of tea.
Posted 01:57pm 24/10/19
Good tip fpot. I might do that to try it out, saves waiting for a crack.
Posted 02:08pm 25/10/19
Enjoy :D

Downloading on EGM right now for me.
Posted 05:58pm 28/10/19
Its strange but cool, A bit like Fallout, Futurama, Bioshock put together. I think the gun play in Fo4 is better though. So far.
Posted 07:59pm 30/10/19
Game is f*****g good. Getting New Vegas vibes all over the place which are my very favourite vibes.
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