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In that yes, Sony's next generation console will be called the PlayStation 5. Which was to be expected really. Okay, so the bigger announcement comes from a new Wired interview with Sony's Mark Cerny that confirms the PS5 will support real-time ray-tracing at the hardware GPU level. Which, would be a first for AMD's Navi line.

There were a bunch of new PlayStation 5 revelations from the piece, so we've summarised them below.
  • The PlayStation 5 will support ray-tracing for both visuals (lighting and shadows) in addition to 3D sound - at the hardware level.
  • Physical games for the PlayStation 5 will ship on 100GB-capacity optical discs and as per the PS4 installation will be required.
  • The PlayStation 5 will double as a 4K Blu-ray player.
  • The new ultra-fast SSD will allow for smaller install sizes due to the sheer read speeds - negating the need for duplicate sequential data.
  • Game installation and overall storage will be optimised, so players could potentially install the campaign-only or multiplayer-only portion of as game. And even remove one part after they're done.
  • The system OS will support being able to see multiplayer options such as available games and servers without the need to boot into a game. This applies to single-player games as you could potentially choose a save file or mission before booting up to a tile screen.
  • The PlayStation 5's controller will support adaptive triggers offering different levels of resistance, and haptic feedback. This feature is comparable to the Nintendo Switch's HD rumble as found in the Joy Con controllers.
  • The controller will feature USB-C charging and a longer-lasting battery. Heavier than the current DualShock 4, but lighter than the Xbox One controller (with batteries).

So there you have it - we can keep referring to the console as the PlayStation 5 without worrying that Sony will go all Microsoft and end up calling it the PlayStation 10X PRO.

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