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Which will go live next month as the first of many free Borderlands 3 events. Called 'Bloody Harvest', Vault Hunters will "encounter Haunted enemies around the galaxy" and earn Hecktoplasm which can then be turned in to new Sanctuary III denizen - Maurice. All this is to get access to the new Bloody Harvest map.

The announcement came via The Borderlands Show, where Borderlands 3 Creative Director Paul Sage joined hosts Greg Miller and Fran Mirabella (from Kinda Funny) to discuss the event.

Jump to the 56 minute mark to hear all about it.

During the event if you bump into Haunted enemies and accidentally come into physical contact they'll add a temporary Terror debuff to your character - limiting their visions as well as accuracy, handling, and speed. Reaching the end of the new Bloody Harvest map and you'll face off against Captain Haunt - an undead variation of the main storyline's Captain Traunt.

Of course, there'll be loot in the form of new skins for the Vault Hunters, a pair of new legendary weapons, and a shield. No word on when the event will kick off other than sometime next month.

borderlands 3halloween event

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