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Where you take on the role of Jacob Rivers, marked for 'Termination' and a resistance soldier fighting against Skynet post-Judgement Day. With the upcoming cinematic release of Terminator: Dark Fate late October, the November 15 release of Terminator: Resistance definitely feels like one of those videogame movie tie-ins from the '90s.

Albeit one that presents its own story set in the universe. How does it look? Well, pretty good. Certainly not AAA or on par with the cinematic bombast of something like a Call of Duty campaign - but it has potential. The structure is not entirely linear, with progression in the form of leveling, crafting and trade, and side-quests to complete as you move up through Resistance ranks.

Also, multiple endings based on your choices and actions. The downside, developer Teyon's last movie outing - Rambo: The Video Game - was critically panned.

Terminator: Resistance introduces a new hero, Jacob Rivers, a soldier in the Resistance Pacific Division. Despite the fact that Jacob is just a private, he’ll soon discover that he’s been targeted by the latest threat from SKYNET and marked for termination!

SKYNET may be destined to lose this war, but at what cost to Jacob? Experience the events leading up to the decisive final battle, smash SKYNET’s Defence Grid and help decide the fate of mankind in the war against the machines!

The description as per above is a little cheesy, but hey you'll be fighting T-800 exoskeletons in addition to "enemies that are brand new to the Terminator universe". Plus, it's good to see that it nails those Plasma Rifle sound effects.

Terminator: Resistance is out November 15 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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