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Set in a facility on the outskirts of the iconic Racoon City, Project Resistance is a multiplayer focused Resident Evil spin-off from Capcom that looks to be a 4-v-1 asymmetrical affair. A new gameplay overview trailer details what to expect when the title launches for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

As highlighted below the four survivors - Valerie, January, Tyrone, and Samuel - each have their own abilities in the form of stuff like healing, armour buffs, and blocking out security cameras. And with a short 5:00 minute area/level time and large damage number indicators it all looks a little arcade-like.

Capcom's Project Resistance is a new 1 vs. 4 asymmetric online survival horror experience set in the world of Resident Evil. Unleash your inner evil as a cunning Mastermind or join the fight as one of the resourceful Survivors desperately trying to escape every obstacle the Mastermind puts in their way.

Where it gets interesting is that one player will be in control of the Mastermind and through cameras and security systems can place traps, spawn monsters, and do whatever it takes to stop the four-player team from reaching the exit. And seemingly take control of Mr. X.

It's, well, different. And probably why this debut gameplay breakdown has almost as many dislikes as it does likes on YouTube. Either way, following in the footsteps of Evolve or Friday the 13th: The Game or Dead by Daylight was always going to be a bit risky move for Resident Evil.

There's a PS4 and Xbox One Closed Beta planned for the first weekend of October so if you're keen to check it out - head here to sign up.

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