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Which shows a group of four youngsters, potentially high school students, being drawn into an arena of sorts where they are pitted against a group of zombies controlled by none other than Mr. X. The giant scary dude from Resident Evil 2 - which recently got a great remake. So then, is Project Resistance, well, Resident 4 Dead?

Certainly looks like it.

The description, which announces it as "a brand-new team-based survival horror experience" all but spells out that this will be a co-op centric title. Which for a series known for its slow and measured pace might make for a strange fit - that is a Left 4 Dead fast-paced action game.

But, if it's being built using Capcom's RE Engine, used for both the Resident Evil 2 Remake and Devil May Cry 5 - odds are that technically whatever style of game this is - will work. And look fantastic. Expect to find out more soon.

Oh, and if this multiplayer game lets someone take control of Mr. X to hunt down players - well, that could be very interesting.

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