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The World First Race to 60 oordinated by well-known guild Method took place last week to celebrate the launch of World of Warcraft Classic. Notable players were invited to take part in the event, which was hosted in Las Vegas. And in less than a week a gnome mage, a player called Jokerd, hit Level 60. Although not situated in Las Vegas at the time, it was still a remarkable effort to hit the Classic level cap in less than a week.

You can watch the closing moments of the occasion on Twitch here. There's a lot of profanity in the video so, yeah, consider that a NSFW-with-sound warning.

So then, how did he manage to hit 60 playing old-school WoW? Well, controversially or not Jokerd took advantage of the new server 'layering' system implemented by Blizzard which mean several instances being created as to avoid large population bottlenecks. And so with that he was able to farm and grind without having the wait the usual monster re-spawn times.

The feat took 79 hours to complete, and on the final day drew a Twitch audience of over 340,000 people. In Azeroth itself, Jokerd visited Stormwind City after hitting 60 where swarms of players approached and surrounded him in much the same way a curious mass of people might if a superhero landed in their city.

From here, it's a race to see who will complete the notoriously difficult Onyxia's Lair and Molten Core raids.

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