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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:50pm 15/08/19 | 0 Comments
And you had us at 'Summoning Wheel', the interface used by player-controlled demons to spawn in enemies to take on the Slayer. With DOOM Eternal out in November, this time around it's approaching multiplayer from a very different angle - a 2v1 multi-round battle between a pair of demons and the DOOM Slayer.

With abilities, cool-downs, resource management, portals that only the Slayer can use, upgrades, and new abilities that open up the longer a match takes there's certainly a lot happening in BATTLEMODE.

Developed in-house at id Software, it looks to build on the mechanics and gamaplay found in the single-player game. Bringing all of the tactics and combat puzzle stuff into the realm of PvP. With multiple maps and a suite of playable demons set to be available at launch it's something we can't wait to check out - and figure out. Because, yeah, there's a lot happening. But if it manages to capture the feel of DOOM Eternal, then there's every chance it'll turn out great.

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