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With the former behind the recent release of Darksiders 3, which wasn't amazing but certainly looked the part. The studio's next game, Remnant: From the Ashes is being published by Perfect World and looks to be a blend of Darksiders-like visuals with co-op shootery lootery. After that it'll be all THQ Nordic all the time with the Austin, Texas based studio now part of the growing stable of THQ developers.

“Having worked together on the development of Darksiders, we are confident that becoming part of THQ Nordic is a great next step for Gunfire. I believe that the experience and publishing capabilities of THQ Nordic will be important in supporting our growth journey and enabling us to continue doing what we love – making great games. We are excited to continue working together going forward.”, says David Adams, CEO Gunfire Games.

Also joining the THQ Nordic family is Milan-based Milestone s.r.l., a studio known for racing games like MotoGP, RIDE, and the energy drink crossover spectacular that is Monster Energy Supercross. Which, we haven't played so we can say that with little to no confidence. Or care. Milestone has been in the racing game making racing games for 25 years now, so it's probably safe to assume that this acquisition fills a "wheel-shaped gap in the THQ Nordic portfolio". Quotation used to highlight official business lingo.

Coupled with all of the franchises that the company now owns it would no doubt be interesting to see Gunfire Games tackle something like TimeSplitters or create something in the Kingdoms of Amalur universe. That or Darksiders 4.

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