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As per a new update, Blizzard has noted that the recent addition of Themed Seasons in Diablo 3 has been a success - with the first drawing as many players as the introduction of the Necromancer class. It's premise which gave a popular and essential Legendary Ring passive to all players, opened the door to new builds and experiences.

This was followed up by the current Season 17 that is wrapping up and will continue with Season 18 which is shaping up to be something of a game changer in its own right. Dubbed the Season of the Triune, it adds a buff to all players from Level 1 where hitting enemies has a chance to spawn a circle, that offers up one of three powers:
Power: Players in the circle receive a 100% damage bonus while active

Resource Reduction: Players in the circle receive a 50% discount on resources spent while active

Cooldown Reduction: While standing in an active circle, any skills currently on cooldown come off of cooldown more quickly

The new season also sees a large number of existing Legendary Items and Crafted Sets getting a rework, in addition to a new Legendary Gem called Legacy of Dreams that sounds great:
While you have no set bonuses equipped, every Legendary item you have equipped increases your damage dealt by 3.75% and reduces your damage taken by 2%. (Max level 99). Rank 25: This bonus is doubled for Ancient items.

It's an impressive list, so be sure to check out the current PTR Patch Notes for full details.

As per a general update on future Diablo 3 support the team is also working on a new Legendary Set for each class, something that will no doubt be of interest to many, well, seasoned players. The update mentions dozens of Legendary Powers also in the works too. Again, great stuff that compliments the game-changing nature of the revamped seasons. And with the recent addition of Diablo 3 to the Nintendo Switch library this all eases the wait until the eventual Diablo 4 announcement and reveal.

But, if we have one gripe - it's this. We'd love to see new areas, enemies, maps and dungeons join the line-up. Alongside Themed Seasons that's more than enough reason to keep coming back.

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