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As we edge ever closer to a hyper-digital future, personal data storage is becoming more and more important. The Cloud is there, sure, but in terms of having *sort of* personal copies of media on-hand, you know, in case of a bluebird day where the Cloud isn't working (bad snow joke), it's not entirely a one-off solution.

And while streaming is another option and will soon become the videogame norm, our games are also getting bigger as more and more open-world games, shooters battle-royales and the like are being built with 4K in mind and soon, 8K.

Our internal storage on home consoles simply isn't enough, and seeing as we recently became an official NBN recipient with numerous games waiting in said Cloud to download (given we work with games for a living), we asked Seagate to let us play with a portable external option. The end results were seamless and fool-proof -- a good thing for me personally as I'm not the best tech-head going around. But now I have an instantly accessible digital library with room to spare.

Here's a snippet on what we had to say about switching over to the Backup Plus Portable 5TB externals solution:
Depending on your model of console, your internal storage is also limited. In the case of this review, and why we found it pertinent to get on top of, we have both a PlayStation 4 Pro and an Xbox One X. In the case of the latter, we had 147 games “Ready to Install” with 120 games stored between the system’s 1TB Internal HDD and two (old) 1TB external drives. And while there are three USB ports on the console, we use the front port for our Plantronics RIG 800LX wireless headset’s receiver. And in this day and age where buying too many avocados and not buying houses, or not digging coal and generally being too insubordinate to Boomers as lazy millennials, well, you can imagine the effort to swap in and out another storage option was just too much.
It's definitely an interim solution, but one that fits the average person unsure about how to manage data without deleting content only to have to download it again later (and use bandwidth).

Click here for our feature review.

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