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No doubt a very strange move, the now ex-head of id Software Tim Willits has joined Sabre Interactive as its Chief Creative Officer. Where he'll oversee the creative direction of the studio. Sabre which worked with Bethesda to develop Quake Champions also worked on World War Z, Spintires: MudRunner, and NBA Playgrounds.

This announcement arrives almost a month after his depature from id Software was made public. Sabre Interactive is a large studio with several offices around the world and an employee count of over 500. That said, the change will allow Tim to work in an environment that is very different from a large publisher like Bethesda.

In a statement made to Fortune Tim notes, “The agility of small teams and the opportunity to get stuff done quickly can’t be overstated.” Adding, “I’m not saying anything bad about Bethesda — I love them — but smaller teams are exciting and fun. When someone has a good idea, we jump on it. If it doesn’t work out, we change it quick.”

The change will also open the door to a wider range of genres, something Tim is excited to bring some of that id Software feel to. "I do really believe I can bring some of that intensity and action into new genres,” he adds. As per the announcement Sabre is also hinting that it's looking to expand with new teams and studios.

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