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To celebrate the upcoming release of the SEGA Mega Drive Mini, SEGA is putting together a compilation video of fans recounting their 16-bit Mega Drive memories. This a very cool opportunity to be included in a look-back at some SEGA history. And maybe add a bit of local Aussie flavour talking about that time you watched the 1993 Australian Sega National Championship on Hey Hey It's Saturday.

And were all like, "Oh naive Daryl Somers it's Sonic THE Hedgehog not Sonic Hedgehog". The submission page for videos is live now - with the closing date being August 13.

SEGA notes that there's no need to be professional in your retelling of old school SEGA memories, and you can simply send in a rendition of the boot-up "Say-Gah" sound. That said, here's some guidelines and tips provided.
  • Camera Setup: Talk directly to the camera, just like you’re doing a video chat.
  • Video length: Please keep your video submissions no longer than 1 minute in length.
  • Using your phone: Please hold your phone on its side and record your video horizontally (landscape mode).
  • Lighting: Ideally record during the day, with indirect lighting – avoid drastic face shadows.
  • Sound: Please record in a quiet location and avoid background noise.
    Clothing: Please avoid logos or complex patterns on your clothing.

  • My first Mega Drive memory is heading to a friend's place after school to check out the game that everyone in class was saying was Rad and Grouse. Way more than ol' Mario. That was Columns. Actually no, it was Sonic the Hedghehog. We also played Columns, but not for long. Because, well, it was no Sonic.

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