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With DOOM Eternal launching in November, over the weekend we got an update look at its multiplayer component called BATTLEMODE. Which pits one player as the Slayer against two Demons. Players will get to choose one of five Demons (Revenant, Pain Elemental, Mancubus, Arch-vile, or Marauder), each coming with their own special abilities. Including being able to spawn minions and place traps.

One of the more tactical abilities that takes time to charge is being able to stop the Slayer from regaining resources via chainsaw, flame, and glory kill - which restores ammo, armour, and health. Slayers apparently also spawn with a full suite of weapons and power too, so BATTLEMODE is described as a tactical game of cat-and-mouse. Except that the cat and mouse are gods and demons.

Check it out.

The mode will launch with six maps, and rounds will be determined by who kills who - with the Slayer having a 20 seconds to, well, slay the second Demon after killing the first. Action is also expected to heat up as matches progress with the Slayer getting the chance to wield a BFG and Demons being able to spawn in an AI-controlled Baron of Hell.

It certainly sounds involved, and very strategic. A different direction than DOOM 2016's standard deathmatch offering - and one that has the potential to feel unlike anything else we've seen from multiplayer DOOM.

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