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And in it's announcement trailer is described as one final gift to Ghost Recon Wildlands players in addition to being an experimental mode that the team has been excited about for some time. The "eight-player free-for-all PvPvE gameplay experience" puts ghosts in an open world where they need to, quite literally, get to the chopper.

And it all sounds great, with players dropping in with no equipment, gears, or idea of where the extraction point might be. Players will then fight for intel, weapons, and gear, and once one person has gained enough - the chopper will arrive. Once landed the location is made known to all and the first person to board wins. The mode also introduces new mechanics to support the setup, including.
Looting for Gear: Players start the game just with a melee weapon and will need to find the best gear, weapons and consumables to fight the Unidad forces and enemy players. If a player dies, they will lose all of the loot gathered and start at square one when they respawn.

Armour: Mercenaries mode will feature a new health and armour system. Based on the gear players pick up, an armour bar will appear. This bar will absorb a percentage of damage based on the penetration capability of the opponent's weapon.

Health: If players are hit by a weapon that deals penetration damage, they will bleed and gradually lose a percentage of their health. If they are injured, they will be able to loot three different types of healing items to get back into fighting shape: medikits, bandages and syringes.

Destructible Doors: Destructible doors can be opened with CQC, behind which players may find intel, loot, or cover to aid them in their fight. Players will need to think tactically about when to use this as opponents will be able to hear the breaking doors if they are close by.

And as a nice little bonus a Lone Wolf Costume will be awarded to all players after completing their first match. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands launched in 2017 and since that time has seen a number of content drops and great events - like the whole Predator tie-in. So, it's great to see more Wildlands as the countdown to Ghost Recon Breakpoint nears zero.

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