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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:04pm 16/07/19 | 0 Comments
My Arcade is a company that offers up small micro collectibles that can play retro games, with licensed products ranging from Pac-Man to Galaga and more. And now the company is teaming up with Konami to offer up a couple of Contra collectibles in the form of a handheld game unit and a little mini arcade cabinet. Both fully functional.

In Micro Player and handheld Pocket Player form.

“Our mission is to find unique and exciting ways to extend Konami’s iconic game franchises.” says Jennifer Coleman, Vice President of Licensing and Marketing, Konami Cross Media NY. “The expansion of the Contra game line into standalone, compact versions, thanks to our partners at My Arcade, provides a unique opportunity for its millions of fans around the world to show their love for the game. We are happy to develop this new line of products with them for this popular title.”

Amir Navid, SVP Product Development and Creative Director, My Arcade, added, “We’re honored to be working with Konami Cross Media NY on Contra, one of the top games of all time and one of my personal favorites. It’s been almost 30 years since its introduction and we’re pleased to celebrate that milestone by giving fans another way to experience the game and show their love for it!”

As one of our own personal retro faves, no doubt being able to hold and play classic Contra in the palm of your hand would no doubt be very cool. And, yeah, make for the perfect retro holiday gift. These Contra Collectibles will be out later in the year, but no word if they'll be getting a local release.


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