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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:32pm 15/07/19 | 1 Comments
Last year Ubisoft revealed it was working with Joseph Gordon Levitt and his community creative platform, HitRECord, to help flesh out the world of Beyond Good and Evil 2 (explored elsewhere here), and now the publisher is looking to the platform again to help with Watch Dogs Legion.

Here's the official line from Ubi:
From the very beginning, we have always wanted to include our fans and the community in the making of our game.

Thanks to our partnership with HitRECord, our talented Watch Dogs fans and the HitRECord community have the opportunity to participate together in the creation of the musical landscape for our open world version of London.

Whether you’re a musical composer, writer, singer, player, or someone with big ideas and a lot of passion… we are super excited to hear your music composition. You can get started right away! Click below and begin collaborating with other HitRECord and Watch Dogs musicians, players, as well as fans from all around the world on the Watch Dogs: Legion Production Page. MAKE YOUR MARK!
So if you're a creator of the music ilk *cough* Kbit *cough*, jump on board.

Watch Dogs Legion is out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One March 6, 2020.

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Posted 06:38pm 16/7/19
Apparently there are concerns that this is exploiting people's talent for free IP but I bet these "concerned" people watermark their memes!
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