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And the best part is that the new ambitious spaceship mode that allows up to four-players to take on deep space missions in a way that opens up the scope of Warframe is accompanied by an impressive visual upgrade to the game. As part of the TennoCon 2019 celebration this past weekend, developer Digital Extremes was on hand to present an extended look at the Empyrean update.

With new real-time shadows, lighting, reflections, a new look ship - getting to go from solo ship to base to large system to deep space to infiltration without loading is, well, impressive.

Empyrean expands the premise of Warframe by handing players and their clanmates the keys to the powerful Railjack battleship. Prepare to soar through the Origin System, explore new territory, and fight hostile forces with serious firepower! With an in-ship interface to control speed and direction, shield deployment, offensive missile volleys and gunner fire -- including the ability to deploy Archwings and infiltrate enemy ships -- players are now armed with an arsenal of tools to fend off and destroy enemy opposition. Player ships can be upgraded, take damage, and be customized, among many other things.

Another cool feature is something called SquakLink that can connect separate co-op teams in different locations to help each other out. For example if you're in orbit attempting to take out a large installation - a co-op team on the surface can accept the call for help and complete local objectives like taking out a relay or shield generator to help out.

Digital Extremes closed out the demo with a sneak peek at the next open-world location to sit alongside The Plains of Eidolon and Fortuna - called the Duviri Paradox. It's a rather cryptic one, with the developers promising "a reality-bending journey of the surreal".

And it doesn't stop there with Waframe's seasonal Nightwave event continuing right now with Series 2. Where a new story is set to unfold over the coming weeks - with limited-time, exclusive rewards for those that participate.

Oh, and Wukong Prime has joined the ranks. All of which are available now across PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


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