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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 06:47pm 05/07/19 | 5 Comments
There was no Battlefield VI at this year's [offsite EA] E3. Strange given the series, much like Call of Duty, has enjoyed annual, or at least bi-annual, iterations over its years in the wild, but perhaps it's a warranted break while the formally dominant releases have a long, hard look at the ever-changing landscape as far as games, game design and player trends go. But has this opened the door to more tangible speculation around a series shift for the better, with a renewed focus on bringing back the more fringe Bad Company title?

Which is exactly what Nathan "nachosjustice" Lawrence has explored in an incredibly informative and in-depth opinion piece for us. Because he's effectively Mr WhateverDICEmakes man, and well, we can't disagree with those credentials. Here's a snippet:
This ties nicely into the recent, louder rumours surrounding Bad Company 3 as a next-gen launch title. Despite my love of PC gaming, I’ve never bought into the idea that multiplatform game development is inherently a bad thing, with the exception of terrible PC ports.

Ever-rising hardware specifications, the cost of keeping things up to date, the near unlimited variety of software/hardware combos that lead to weird errors, the sweatiness of online play for competitive titles, and the transparency of Steam reviews (which are sometimes closer to ‘or worse’ than ‘for better’) must weigh heavy on developers. And I feel sorry for them.
Click here for his full rundown on why a Bad Company is needed and what the future of Battlefield could (and should) look like.

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Posted 08:01pm 05/7/19
I just want a battlefield like BF3 or BF4. I fear that will never happen again.
Posted 08:24pm 10/7/19
I hope a battlefield like BF3 and BF4 never happens again. Buggy, laggy, repetitive and poor map designs, poor balance between tanks, infantry and helos/planes.
Levelution was simply a gimmick to make you look away and forget the technological achievement that was already reality in BFBC2.

For me, I hope they go back to the wide open classic design of BF2 with modernised physics, flying, balance and team mechanics...or they make a small-map, full damage physics, squad action game which builds on BFBC2.
Never again did they manage to make Rush mode work like they did in BFBC2. Hence all of these modes they have come up with since have been interesting but either flawed or short lived, BF1s innovative modes are the best example. Side note: BF3 and BF4 didn't even have any innovative modes in them.
Posted 01:54pm 11/7/19
Well I played the s*** out of BF3 and BF4 so I can't complain.

We need Return to Karkand map pack in every Battlefield. That is all.
Posted 05:06pm 11/7/19
For me, I hope they go back to the wide open classic design of BF2 with modernised physics, flying, balance and team mechanics...or they make a small-map, full damage physics, squad action game which builds on BFBC2.
I try to avoid being a "back in my day" gamer (even though everything back in the day was obviously better and superior in all regards) but I would play the living s*** out of BF1942 and BF Vietnam if they just re-made those basically exactly as they were, but just on modern engines
Posted 03:01pm 16/7/19
I never got to play BF Vietnam or even BF1942 online, So I missed out. I enjoyed Battlefield 3 and 4, yeah there were issues but it still kept me coming back. I remember playing BC2 and that was alright too, BF1 and BF 5 are just not that great. I think DICE need to sit back and have a think about what they want to do and how they want to do it.

Id be happy with BF2 remake in modern frostbite engine, it would be pretty sweet. There are plenty of Ideas out there but I don't expect DICE to do any of them. Like a lot of companies that we knew and loved, they have changed over the years. Less about making a great game that does well and more about crap and lootboxes.
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