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Two things that put this immediately on our most wanted list. Especially when the astronauts in question are the ones you see in real-life footage wearing ridiculously puffy, bright white space suits. This is basically that but for some reason these astronauts in orbit have guns and are shooting at each other. Again, this is now one of our most wanted games for 2019.

Check it out.

The description sounds hilarious and awesome too, because it basically sounds like you're an astronaut doing working in orbit, checking on modules and systems, tinkering with stuff. And then the next minute, you're fighting for your life armed with AK-47.
The multiplayer tactical space-based shooter puts players in the role of a heavily armed astronaut in space engaging in fierce zero gravity firefights and executing low-gravity operations on orbiting space installations against enemy astronauts and other entities.

And it gets sillier - translation: cooler.
The invention of space-elevators make getting up to orbiting facilities both affordable and convenient in this not-too-distant future. Along with this new exploration and life in space, a new breed of scum and villainy emerges as governments, mercenaries, pirates and outlaws are hell bent on plundering the universe of valuable goods to sell on the black market or keep for themselves.

A new breed of criminal enterprise means a new breed of galactic enforcement is required, so specially trained tactical astronauts take the fight to the harsh extremes of space in order to intercept hijackers and criminals with lethal force in interdiction missions.

Other entities? Aliens. Valuable goods? As in the stuff humans sent up because space itself is, well, empty.

And that's what sets this apart from the similarly themed Shattered Horizons and that one mode from Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - the blend of realism and the total opposite of that. BOUNDARY comes from Chinese Independent developer, Surgical Scalpels, and will launch first on PlayStation 4 - with potential Xbox One and PC versions to come.

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Looks amazing, cant wait to read a review!
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