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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 06:12pm 02/07/19 | 4 Comments
Yeah, we haven't had much reason to mention old Alan Wake's name for a while, but news has broken today that the previously Microsoft Studios-published franchise, has been handed wholly back to developer, Remedy. And this means the once Xbox family of systems exclusive IP, could now find new multi-platform homes, should Remedy choose to take Alan to new audiences.

But get ready for the cliffhanger -- Remedy themselves updated Eurogamer on the situation confirming that, yes, they now had Alan Wake in their own custody, but that they were firmly focused only on their upcoming release, Control, and that any hopes of new Alan, or even redistributed Alan, would be taking a backseat.
"The only thing we want to clarify, now that Remedy owns the publishing rights, is that we could bring Alan Wake to different platforms if we so choose," a spokesperson said to Eurogamer. "We have nothing to announce for now. We are fully focused on Control releasing on 27th August."
At least it's something to ponder, PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch fans.

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Latest Comments
Posted 07:18pm 02/7/19
It has always been on PC, I bought it a couple of years ago when its music licence ran out and it was dirt cheap.
Posted 10:10pm 03/7/19
fun fact check -- no, it was an Xbox360 exclusive at first release

Remedy released it on PC well after they finished up on Alan Wake: American Nightmare

Quantum Break was the next aquisition. An amazingly sci-fi mind-bending masterpiece of time machines and cloak & dagger betrayals

Control look's like it might be alright, although not enough for a pre-order just yet
Posted 07:53am 04/7/19
there's rumours going around that sony is looking at acquiring remedy.
Posted 03:30pm 04/7/19
cheap. i might be interested.
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