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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:03pm 01/07/19 | 5 Comments
As has become tradition, we've compiled our absolute AusGamers Top 10 Best of E3 titles we saw at this year's E3, with an additional fiver runners up who received nominations ahead of our official sign off on the 10 best. It's never an easy task, this, but boy it is fun.

Some of the usual suspects of the past two years are natural standouts, as they have been for a number of other publications globally, but you might be surprised to find some of the newer entries, and may even be intrigued by the games that just missed the final mark.

It should be noted that the Nominees were close, which is why we settled only on the five we've highlighted here. And while a number of these games will see the light of day this year, 2020 is definitely shaping up to be another standout year for quality and quantity as far as releases goes, so we're looking forward to creating a competitive list again after next year's big event in Los Angeles.

Have a look, and let us know if you agree or disagree with how this manifest shaped itself based on what you've seen on read from the event.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:18pm 02/7/19
Nice work, lots of good stuff there 👌
Posted 12:26pm 02/7/19
FFVIIR looks so damn good.
Posted 10:40am 04/7/19
I am so hopeful for Outer Worlds. I hope it exceeds expectations. Cyberpunk just seems so fake, not William Gibson at all, imho. The industry has been SO disappointing of late. After several hundred hours of Anthem, and a hundred or so of Pointless grinding (Dauntless), well I am feeling a bit down. Of course, recent Fallout fails. I can't get my head successfully around the new Anno 1800 - way too many internal distractions - Oh for a Sim City 5+. Three Kingdoms, spoon fed again. I even find myself re-campaigning BFV.
Fallout 4 was so all encompassing. Thousands of hours. Maybe I will never get over it.
Maybe Doom Eternal will reset me back to my 1993 self - ah to be 40 again.

Thanks for your help Steve. Always good.
Posted 03:02pm 07/7/19
Did you play Doom 2016? That'll reset you back to 1993. Hopefully Eternal gets us to 1994 >:)

Disagree on Cyberpunk, looks to have the pedigree to me. Outer Worlds will be awesome and should tide me over till April. Love Obsidian. Total f*****g fanboy I am.
Posted 05:18am 08/7/19
Cyberpunk is gonna be awesome what you on about
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