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In the original Half-Life, Gordon Freeman had a brief stop in a weird alien world between worlds that immediately captured people's attention. The impressive fan made remake Black Mesa is looking to expand on that with an exciting new chapter set in the mysterious Xen. After it's stunning debut last year in trailer form, it's playable right now as part of a Technical Beta.

Which the developers plan to use to "to collect bugs and feedback on a range of different computers" based on the changes they've made to the Source engine. If you own Black Mesa you can check out Xen right now via following the instructions on this page.

With three maps included, we can expect to see some of the below.

And for those that don't own Black Mesa the good news is that as part of the latest Steam Summer Sale the game is currently 60% off at $11.58 AUD.

black mesabetaxenhalf-life

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