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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 05:12pm 25/06/19 | 1 Comments
E3 has always traditionally been a show where the AAA game reigns supreme. After all it's the place where Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and publishers like Bethesda and Ubisoft showcase the biggest games currently in development. Where in most cases they'll work for months fine-tuning specific E3 builds to show off the latest post-apocalyptic survival thing. Or as was the case this year, a pre-rendered cinematic. But behind the bright lights and pretend explosions lie several fascinating indie titles on display.

Exhibit A

Iron Harvest

    Developer: King Art Games
    Release Date: 2019

In terms of great modern-day real-time strategy games, the Company of Heroes series from Relic Entertainment is one that quickly comes to mind. With its focus on forward lines, securing resources, and detailed and realistic unit-to-unit combat, there’s nothing quite like it. Well, until now. With Iron Harvest from King Art Games playing very much like Company of Heroes, but with mechs and a very cool steampunk aesthetic. Iron Harvest looks brilliant too, with wonderful unit and environment detail and a set of story-driven campaigns that will focus on varying factions ala Blizzard.

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