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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:31pm 19/06/19 | 1 Comments
To celebrate the Early Access release of Pagan Online we've partnered with Wargraming to give away twenty copies of the game now available via Steam. This new take on the action-RPG offers up fast-paced combat with a unique control scheme set in a fantastical world inspired by Slavic myth.

As per our recent hands-on.
Pagan Online’s combat is as much skill focused and fast-paced reactionary engagement as it is dependant on the colour of the current weapon you have equipped. It sets a tone and pacing that is unlike anything else in the genre, complimented by some already exceptional animation with hit detection that sells every axe swipe, ground slam, and whirlwind spin.

And as lovers of all things action-RPG and isometric, we're excited to offer up this chance for you to dive in. Codes are redeemable via Steam, so be sure to check this page for PC hardware requirements.

Oh, and entry is easy - all you have to do is name your favourite action-RPG game of all time. Okay, maybe not that easy. Competition page link below.

Pagan Online Early Access Give Away

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Posted 07:00pm 24/6/19
Not sure if it's up my alley but if I win a copy I'll give it a go.
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