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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:29pm 19/06/19 | 6 Comments
We take the new Dell G7 15 Gaming Laptop for a spin in its new look 2019 model now powered by NVIDIA RTX. When Dell debuted this line last year the goal was to offer a range of affordable yet powerful gaming laptops that could sit alongside the more premium Alienware offerings.

The big change here comes with the addition of the RTX 2060 – which is proving itself to be a great way to keep overall costs down whilst offering great performance. Paired with the Intel Core i7 8750H it certainly has the stuff to take on even the most demanding titles – as seen in our performance breakdown.

Click Here to Read Our Full Dell G7 15 Gaming Laptop Review

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Latest Comments
Posted 06:57pm 19/6/19
It sounds kinda nice but it seems way bigger and clunkier than the XPS15, although I'd like to see one in person to compare
Posted 08:03pm 19/6/19
It is a bit thicker...
Posted 03:11pm 20/6/19
Yeh, as someone that's been on 13" laptops for most of the last 10 years it's a hard sell to move to 15". I have been thinking about it because I've been working a lot more of laptops for the last couple years - I hate it with a passion though, but at 15" screen would make a big difference (lots of spreadsheets).
Posted 06:39pm 20/6/19
do you laptop guys not actually work at a desk? working on an actual laptop is horrible and would reduce productivity.

working on a docked laptop is fine.
Posted 11:12pm 22/6/19
Lol Spook you're a good guy but some of us have jobs where we are constantly either intra or inter city. Working on a single laptop all else constant does legit suck ballz but it's often the only option for some of us.

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Posted 10:46am 23/6/19
do you laptop guys not actually work at a desk? working on an actual laptop is horrible and would reduce productivity.

working on a docked laptop is fine.
as I said, I hate it but as taggs says, sometimes you just gotta do it. I have been travelling quite a bit for work in the last few years and should have bought a new bigger one instantly because I mostly haven't had access to docking (although I have a few trips to do in the next couple months and I think they'll have spare giant curved Dell monitors for me!! - they are truly massively wide angle, they look so awesome for nerdy spreadsheet work)
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