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Visually, Frontier's upcoming Planet Zoo looks spectacular with animals brought to life with realistic animation, behaviours, and high-tech features like fur shading. But, it doesn't stop there and the game's animals will live out their lives in full in addition to having their own genetic make-up and traits gained from parents. And how this all blends with Planet Coaster's exceptional level of freedom to create is genuinely impressive.

Check it out.

And it all seems very user-friendly, with habitat animal's letting you know what they want or need allowing habitat design to flourish and feel authentic. It takes the stuff from the studio's Jurassic Park game and takes it to the next level. And with the studio's love for player-created mods and expansions this will no doubt become something that can be played for years.

Planet Zoo comes out November 5 2019.

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Posted 10:48am 22/6/19
Looks great. The detail of the animals are impressive.
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