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Developer Torn Banner Studios and publisher Tripwire Interactive have announced a sequel to the acclaimed Chivalry: Medieval Warfare with the sequel, Chivalry 2 arriving in 2020. The news comes alongside a new trailer showcasing the new look and feel of the combat, which is said to fix a lot of the issues players had with the first game.

Decapitating heads not being one of them.

“With Chivalry 2 we are bringing the grit and emotions of an epic cinematic medieval battlefield to a completely new level,” said Torn Banner Studios’ President Steve Piggott. “We have fixed the issues of the first game by redesigning our combat, animation and movement systems from the ground up and the result is a deeply satisfying and weighty physicality to every interaction. With an expanded combat moveset allowing for far greater player creativity, a re-imagining of our Team Objective game mode at scale and a focus on AAA level polish and visuals, Chivalry 2 is set to become the first true advancement in the genre.”

"The original Chivalry was an incredibly successful phenomenon that established the first-person medieval combat genre," said Tripwire CEO John Gibson. "We're very honored to be able to team up with our good friends at Torn Banner Studios to bring Chivalry 2 to fans. When two of the most successful, customer focused independent studios in the world collaborate, great things are going to happen. Chivalry 2 is coming. The king of medieval combat games is back. Long live the king!"

Since the first game's release in 2012 there's been a bit of a revival in the melee combat genre so it will be interesting so see how this one pans out. As a multiplayer game, the battlefields will support up to 64-players alongside the return of objectives across multiple stages.

In development for PC, Chivalry 2 will debut on the debut on the Epic Games Store where it will be exclusive to the platform for 12 months. Translation, no Steam release until 2021.

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Posted 08:41pm 11/6/19
The original was OK, but a bugfest and lagfest. Also was dominated by cheesegamers who spent countless hours perfecting the perfect feint, jump and spam attack. It had no real physics to the game. Light units could defend attacks by heavy units just as well as any other unit, and yet they attack twice as fast and do considerable damage. All round just didn't make sense. But it was fun at times.

But the ultimate disgrace came when they released the expansion and still hadn't fixed any of their longstanding bugs in the base game.
Most notable of which: getting stuck on Rank 5 meaning no weapon unlocks...

This new pairing with TripWire though makes me interested. RO2/RS and RS2 being some of the best games out there. Lots of effort put in to make them better and better throughout their whole lifecycle. TripWire is a great company.
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