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Have you ever wanted to see a soldier transform into a Mon Calamari from Star Wars? Well, then Baldur's Gate III has you covered. Jokes aside, today comes the official announcement that the all-time classic PC RPG series, Baldur's Gate, is back. In a new entry from Larian Studios the talented team behind Divinity: Original Sin 2.

The cinematic teaser trailer is quite gruesome to watch as it depicts a new "malevolent presence" in the Forgotten Realms. Check it out.

Larian Studios will be publishing the game too, and it's being developed for both a PC and Google Stadia release. The announcement touts the project as the biggest ever for Larian Studios, and will be playable both as a single-player or co-op RPG. As per the team's efforts with the Divinity series, Baldur's Gate III will offer player freedom, meaningful choices, a cast of memorable companions and deep combat. Interestingly it is set in and feature Dungeons & Dragons’ 5th edition mechanics, which puts the events at least 100 years after Baldur's Gate 2's 2nd edition setting.

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Posted 01:38pm 07/6/19
Wow, I didn't think I'd ever see another Baldur's Gate game. I'm glad it's Larian developing it, they're the best studio still making CRPGs.
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