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This new project from Trine studio Frozenbyte is being developed using a custom internal game engine based on hybrid voxel/vertex technology. The result is being able to create and design ships and space stations right down to the bolts and switches and panels. Add in a fully destructible environment and the new sci-fi MMO Starbase looks incredible and almost overwhemingly ambitious in motion.

And it's set to hit Steam Early Access this year.

Starbase is a massively multiplayer online game with gameplay focused on building and designing spaceships and stations, exploration, resource gathering, crafting, trading, and combat. Alternatively the game features a sandbox mode where players can explore the game alone or with selected friends in their own universe.

With a focus on both creativity as well as exploration and combat, if it manages to nail all three then Starbase could become something quite special. Players will also have the option to simply create or actively engage in the conflict between the Empire and the Kingdom.

Frozenbyte CEO Lauri Hyvärinen, shares our excitement, as found in the following statement.
"Starbase is our dream come true, a universe where almost anything is possible. You can build and design spaceships, team up with other pioneers or launch into the unknown with a curious mind to conquer space any way you want! Starbase is full of possibilities and players are free to explore and take part in shaping the universe. We’ve been working on the game in secret for years, and now we are finally ready to unveil the game and to start the incredible journey with the players. This is only a small glimpse of Starbase, and we can’t wait to show more in Early Access and beyond!"

According to Frozenbyte, "success in Starbase is not measured in hours played or an endless grind, but in the ingenuity of each player and their ability to work together."

With the voxel/vertex engine you'll get to see each pixel come together or break-apart in combat. There's a mix of engineering in the physics employed too, with a poorly designed ship or structure breaking apart if the thrusters are over-powered. Starbase features a distinct and inviting visual look, one that employs the building block-style of similar titles (not that we've seen anything quite like this) with vibrant colours and detailed robots that players will get to control.

We'll have more details once release-date and pricing is sent. In the meantime be sure to bookmark the Steam landing page.

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