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Warhammer Chaosbane, which wears its Diablo 3 inspiration proudly, is getting ready to launch on PC, PlayStaton 4, and Xbox One - June 4. Which according to calendars everywhere is right around the corner, next week in fact. As Diablo super-fans we're keen to dive into this one, and after playing the Closed Beta, it's good to see that developer Eko Software and BIG BEN have, err, big plans for the endgame.

Here's the outline of what will be there day one endgame-wise plus a quick look at post-launch plans - including Season Pass content.
  • Once the main quest is finished, the player will be able to restart with a new character while keeping everything they’ve previously unlocked: crafting, fragments, money, etc.
  • Additionally, finishing the game will unlock different endgame modes:
    • Expedition mode: the best way to start a fast game, alone or with friends, in randomly-generated levels.
    • Relic hunt: the player may purchase a map from the Collector’s Guild in order to get access to a dungeon which offers several difficulty levels and lets players collect heroic gear.
    • Boss Rush: lets you confront the campaign bosses as quickly as possible in order to test builds and gear.

Post Launch:
  • Regular updates available for everyone:
    • The first will add a difficulty level and new gear.
    • Then a permanent death mode will be added.
    • A new heroic set for each of the heroes and extra difficulty levels.
    • An increase to maximum character level.

  • Paid updates (included with the Season Pass):
    • The first DLC will offer new emotes and a passive skill letting you increase the chances of finding heroic items.
    • The following DLC will then add a passive skill letting you more easily find God fragments, as well as an alternative God skill tree for each character.
    • The third DLC will contain new companions for all playable characters.
    • The fourth DLC will contain an entirely new story, told through a new act, separate from the main campaign, taking place in never-before-seen environments. This time, instead of the forces of Chaos, you’ll face off against ancient undead evil in the form of the Tomb Kings.

Expedition mode sounds like a cross between Diablo 3's Adventure Mode and Rifts, which is certainly a formula that works. On that front we've rolled a new Necromancer as part of Diablo's latest season. For more on Warhammer: Chaosbane be sure to check out our recent hands-on from the Closed Beta, where we noted, "If the final game can offer a more engaging story, levelling process, and variety in the dungeons then there’s a good chance this could be an action-RPG to keep an eye on."

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