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Yep, you read that right. No, not the DLC part -- rather the 18 part. Bus Simulator has seen 18 iterations of itself over a number of years and it appears this bus also can't drop below 50, because it's speeding up at a rapid pace. In fact, you could say it's the bus that couldn't won't slow down.

So what does the new content entail? Well, it means you basically have an expanded route, with two entirely new districts and a lot of new stops, which hopefully means more money. Maybe Sydney Transport Minister, Andrew Constance should share this with his staff as a way to learn how to manage timing and infrastructure better. Ooooh, sick burn.
This map extension adds two new districts to Seaside Valley: Kerststadt, a bustling education and tech hub containing Seaside Valley’s airport, and Sonnstein, a rustic alpine village with winding mountain roads that encircle its gorgeous vistas. Also included are new tasks, mission-givers, and rider dialogue that further enrich the experience.

This Official Map Extension DLC adds nine missions, two new districts with 20 stops, new cosmetics, and unique rider dialogue to explore as you build upon your transportation network. The vibrant and busy Kerststadt will be full of students, entrepreneurs, and other busybodies that have places to be and want an efficient way to get there. On the other side of the spectrum Sonnstein is a laid-back, rural town where you can unplug and take time to appreciate the simpler things in life. New characters will help you lay the groundwork, but it will be on you to determine how you develop your company into these new regions. If that's too much pressure, recruit some friends and run your routes in multiplayer, fully supported in these new areas, just like in the base game.
Watch a new trailer for the expansion, available now on Steam, embedded below.

bus simulator 18dlcexpansionnew trailer

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