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Which could be seen as either a negative, or a positive, depending on which way you'd like to look at, and desire, the newest entry in the series. Controversy aside (and revealed later than our interview), we spoke with Gearbox designer, Matt Cox, who has a heavy hand in the game's NPCs and a number of bosses, who let go that while we do go off-world and onto other worlds, realistically the experience will remain more about enemies and enemy encounters than shaking up level design.

"A lot of the biomes are more aesthetic, but as far as gameplay [goes], the different types of creatures, obviously, will behave a little bit differently than maybe just, like, bandits that you've experienced on Pandora," Cox revealed to us. "So I think the different types of gameplay that you'll see on the different planets, or biomes, or where we go, will be mostly based on the types of enemy design that you will encounter...

"It's weird -- all to say it's very Borderlands, it's a very Borderlands experience."

We'll have an interview feature up with greater detail surrounding Borderlands 3 this week with quotes from Cox as well as Carl Shed who worked on the game's lighting and teased "we're going anywhere in the Universe. It could be anything. So try and have some fun and do something exciting" as his and the team's directive from Randy Pitchford which plays to the above comment about how biomes will be more aesthetic than gameplay differential. Still, we're definitely hoping we get some 'out of this world' level design. There's only so much loot-hunting you can do on repeat, no matter how you dress it up.

Stay tuned and click here to read our initial thoughts on the game after a hands-on.

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Posted 11:03am 14/5/19
Given the new engine, I want both a variety of monsters and locations and environments, some moon and space levels, could we finally go under water maybe please?
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