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With our very own Vault Hunter, Stephen Farrelly, having already explored various new planets alongside testing out a suite of different guns (check out our full hands-on preview) - here's the full official Borderlands 3 live-stream from earlier today. With close to an hour of gameplay!

With Borderlands 3 featuring four new Vault Hunters (five if you include Farrelly) the demo showcases Zane "the seasoned covert assassin who wields a variety of high-tech gadgets" and Amara "the melee-focused Siren who can summon ethereal fists to pummel her foes". The gameplay stuff begins on the dusty and familiar planet of Pandora before heading to the neon-soaked city-planet - Promethea.

Check it out.

Powered by Unreal Engine 4, although it looks a lot like the Borderlands of old art-wise there's definitely a lot more detail found across both the world and characters. Also, it's great to see new traversal mechanics like being able to slide and climb - stuff that definitely brings the series into 2019. Plus, the new and expanded skill trees that up the build diversity look great too.

Borderlands 3 is out in September.

borderlands 3gameplay

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