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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 06:29pm 12/04/19 | 4 Comments
There's a bit of necromorphic serendipity happening here. Earlier today I posted a news item with the teaser "There was a period of time when the big publishers in the industry took risks. Big risks. EA with the likes of Dead Space (stay seriously tuned here)... with that last bracketed statement being most poignant. You see I recently went back and started replaying the original Dead Space, then decided to write a piece on it, then a direct message Tweet from a friend, and friend of the site, amplified that decision. Then this happened.

It could just be a case of coincidence or confirmation (read: hope) bias, but either way the timing here is weird.

Negative Atmosphere is as Dead Space in principle as it gets. Sure, it may be a bit faster and it may currently only have humans (undead?) as its baddies, but currently playing through the original Dead Space, I can clearly say this is as close as it gets.

Good on 'em I guess.

EA won't release a new Dead Space as far as we know, Visceral is gone and the further away we can all get from Dead Space 3, the better. What Negative Space turns into will be interesting, but for now it's *kind of* nice to know what Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey created all those years ago still resonates, and beyond my own loungeroom. Watch the video embedded below, and keep an eye on these guys via their Twitter.

Let us know what you think in the Comments. Oh, and stay tuned for some very cool Dead Space content from a deep retrospective angle.


Latest Comments
Posted 06:39pm 12/4/19
100% Dead Space vibe. And I'm digging it
Posted 03:44pm 14/4/19
Yeah 100% dead space vibe but missed the mark completely. What made the original so great was that monsters weren't hidden behind strobe lights and darkened hallways. You saw them coming at you in full clear view. Sometimes the speed was slow which made things even worse as you anticipate the monster rounding the corner. This is Doom level darkness crossed with MTV style editing. It makes for a really nauseating experience.

Checkout the gameplay of Dead Space, it really highlights the difference:

The first monster you fight is in clear view, you get glimpses of what they look like but they come straight at you. Darkness is used to heighten the experience leading up to the encounters, not obscure your vision.
Posted 11:40pm 14/4/19
I still never played dead space but I should. This looks nice but it's not my style of gameplay, hope it does well though.
Posted 05:14am 15/4/19
first one was excellent. some people had issues with 3rd person view.
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