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For those that have played Shenmue, the forklift represents quite a big part of the series. Mainly because across the first two games protagonist Ryo gets part-time jobs at different warehouses - which involves using a forklift to move around crates from one location to another. With lunch breaks, and some forklift racing before each work-day begins.

The following screenshot released by developer Ys Net and publisher Deep Silver paints a very Shenmue picture - and all but confirms the return of the part-time warehouse job for Ryo. And the moving of crates from one location to another.

Of course since the release of Shenmue the idea of getting a job in-game or completing a menial task isn't quite as strange as it once was. That said, here's hoping this also means the return of forklift racing.

shenmueshenmue 3

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