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In early 2018, NVIDIA unveiled a demo created in collaboration with ILM and Epic Games called Reflections. Set in the Star Wars universe it showcased real-time ray-traced reflections, area light shadows, and ambient occlusion running on a $70,000 USD NVIDIA workstation. It was impressive, but also something of the distant future. Jump cut to April 2019 and now the demo is available and able to run on the latest NVIDIA RTX cards.

We just ran the demo in real-time on our NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti and can confirm that it looks amazing. Stunning even, like a film.

Reflections: An Unreal Engine Real-Time Ray Tracing Demonstration can run on a single Turing-based card as opposed to some sort of super-computer. A pretty impressive feat and a showcase for Turing. The demo, which has been enhanced with Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) tech and the latest GameReady drivers - can be downloaded here.

Here's a clip so you can see it action.

And it doesn't stop there as NVIDIA has also released tow more RTX demos today - the impressive Atomic Heart RTX Tech Demo and the Justice RTX Tech Demo. Which you can grab here. All three demos come as part of the latest Unreal Engine 4.22 update which gives developers tools to easily implement real-time ray-tracing features in any game running on the engine.

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