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Fallout 76's launch was rocky to say the least, but one area that it didn't draw a lot of controversy was with the inclusion of the in-game Atomic Shop which sold cosmetic items in the form of clothing and C.A.M.P. decorations. Admittedly for quite a lot. With Atoms also earned in-game the whole idea seemed to be that all post-launch content would be free with micro-transactions limited to the realm of the cosmetic.

Until now.

With Bethesda finally beginning to roll-out new Fallout 76 content in the form of quests, mechanics, and features - the addition of long-requested Repair Kits is currently drawing a lot of controversy. The items which will allow weapons and gear to be fully repaired whilst out and about - will also be available to purchase from the Atomic Shop using credits earned in-game as well as with real money.

As per the latest Inside the Vaulty post by Bethesda.
We read tons of feedback and suggestions from the Fallout 76 community, and Repair Kits were a popular request that we wanted to get into players’ hands. We also felt we could try out something new with these, both in-game and in the Atomic Shop. As we look to the future, we’re exploring ways we can bring other community-driven ideas to the game as well, such as refrigerators for C.A.M.P.s, ammo and food converters, and even the ability to send scrap to your stash without having to head home. Repair Kits are our first attempt at a utility item like this, and we plan to make adjustments based on your feedback, so we hope you’ll share your thoughts with us when they go live later this month.

The Fallout 76 subreddit didn't take to the news lightly, with many pointing to this being a move towards a pay-to-win setup for Fallout 76. It got so heated over the weekend that the moderators had to post a statement and singular thread for all of the feedback. As per the official announcement of Repair Kits coming to the game, Bethesda does note that it will "make adjustments" based on feedback - though really, it should have known that any in-game utility being a purchasable item with real-world money would be a controversial move.

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